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Super Mario World Hacks Collection

Hello friends from the retrogamer community. In today's post I bring you a collection of hacks from the Super Mario World game released for Super Nintendo.

Most of them run with Snes9x Emulators for Windows and SnesDroid for Android so I will also leave the link of these emulators below.

Remembering that as the package download is in torrent format you need to have Utorrent, or any other torrent manager installed on your device, to download the package.

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Among the hacks included in the package are:

  • A Simple Story,
  • Archipelago of Truth Beta, 2007, 2008, 2009
  • Big Boo's Revenge
  • Mario Is Missing! Done Right
  • New Super Mario World 1 The 12 Magic Orbs 1.4
  • New Super Mario World 2 Around The World v1.31
  • Primal Mario World demo 2
  • Super Mario World 3 - Islands of Mistery
  • Super Mario World Coop (Canal R. Santos) Pt-Br
  • Super Mario World Co-op
  • Super Mario World Hell Edition
  • Super Mario World Winter
  • The new and old Mario
  • Super Patch 1.3.0
  • Super Mario World Redrawn

Download (Requires Utorrent installed in your device)

Emulator for Windows PC: Snes9x | Emulator for Android: Multi Snes9x

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