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1389 Psx roms pack

Hello Old players! In this article we have brought to you more than 1300 isos, or roms for those who prefer, the first Playstation released by Sony. So if you played too much Playstatation in your childhood and want to reminisce the old times this post is for you.

If you are familiar with emulations just download and be happy.

But if you do not know much about emulation I suggest you take a little time to read the instructions, because anyone who does not have experience with emulation may have a bit of trouble doing this.

What will you need

To run the games: You will need an emulator. Most of today's operating systems like Android, Linux, Mac, IOS and Windows have playstation emulators available for download in the store. So finding one is not going to be difficult. We recommend the XEBRA  for android and EPSXe for Windows, click to download.

To download

The format of the download is in Magnet Link. which means you'll need a torrent manager to download the file. We recommend Utorrent. To download click below.

Unpacking the Isos / roms

For reasons of bandwidth, the files are compressed and because of this the emulators can not read the isos / roms. That's why you need to unzip them so the emulators can recognize them. For some roms you will need Winrar, and for others you will need 7zip to unzip them. Click to download.

To finish

Once decompressed, play the files that will be in the .bin format inside the isos / roms folder of your emulator. At this point, if everything is correct the emulation will start. Below is the download link and explanatory videos.
Video Instruction
One more explaining video:
Note: If you want to download only one game there is no need to download the complete package, let only the game that you want to download be marked.

Download (Requires Utorrent to download)
Format: Magnet Link
Size: 371.49 GB
Emulators: EPSXE for Windows | UltraPs1 for Android

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  2. is this all the us release games with some added to it?

  3. Pero que nivel ! Thanks man! great work!

  4. horrible...pick one image and compression software...ECM really....

    What a nightmare and crappy way to do things

  5. NOPE you will also need COMMAND LINE UNECM tool and if you wish to port these to say your PS classic mini you will need to covert MDF files to ISO or BIN....

    371.5 gig just turned into over a 1TB to do all the conversions before deleting the orignals in different FORMATS......