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Street Fighter Alpha 3

Hello friends retrogamer, in this article I bring to download the third game of the series Street Fighter Alpha (or zero in Japan).

First released, almost in the late 90s for arcades and consoles, it was in my opinion the most innovative version of Capcom, with music scenarios, and a narration never seen before.

So you want to remember the old days in Arcades, just download the game and emulate in a device such as computer, mobile phone or tablet. Follow the instructions below to run the game. SFA3Logo


Download the game rom by direct link or manet link (torrent). Then download the emulator by clicking the links below.
If necessary unzip the emulator folder with Winrar. After downloading the rom, place it inside the rom folder of the emulator. If everything is ok the emulation is ready to start. Any questions or suggestions leave a comment below.

For those who want to remember the finals of the game.

In the video below you will find the endings of all the players selectable from the arcade version. So if you have not yet seen the end of them, or want to remember, feel free to click play and watch the endings again.

Gameplay. Super Combos

Codes, tips, and cheats


Note: I could not execute any of these codes, if someone can write there in the comments.

Effect / Code

Dramatic mode: Hold the three kick buttons, place the chip (s), press the Start, and release the buttons, Select a player and you will pair with a CPU player. If you want to pair with a friend, start One Dramatic Mode, then play with your friend.

Survival Mode: Press the three punch buttons before pressing Start. In the character selection screen, in the upper left or right, you will see the words SURVIVAL MODE

Classic Mode: To play in classic mode, before shooting, hold weak kick and strong kick, press Start without releasing the weak kick and strong kick. This code will make your opponent get faster

Mega Damage: Before putting the plug, hold strong punch and strong kick. Press Start to continue holding, strong punch and strong kick while you choose your character. Your opponent will do double damage with the blows.

Without the ISM: Before putting the token hold strong punch and strong kick press Start and choose your character still holding them. This code will give you the X Mode strength and also take the bar of the defense

Saikyo Mode, Low Defense Bar Level: Place your token, hold weak punch and weak kick, and then press Start. Release the Start and the other buttons and select your character. Your character will have a very low level on the defense bar, but your opponent will not.

Play with Balrog: Put the Cursor on Karin on the character selection screen, wait for at least three seconds, then go to any random check box, hold Start and press any button

Play with Juli: Place the cursor over Karin on the character selection screen, wait for at least three seconds, then go to the random checkbox next to Charlie or Sagat, hold the controller up and press any button

Play with Juni: Place the cursor over Karin on the character selection screen, wait for at least three seconds, place the cursor over Charlie, then press left on the control selecting the random check box, then hold to the left and press any button.

Initial game introduction, video that reminds us of many moments of nostalgia, and also remember the times that we ended up in contra spells in the arcades! Good times!

Any questions, suggestions or compliments leave a comment just below.

Rom Size: 41 Mb
Emulator for Windows PC: Mame 0119
Emulator for Android: Mame4droid
Download By Torrent (Requires Utorrent installed to open)
Direct Download

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