terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2016

Street Fighter Zero 3 Mugen

Zangief and E Honda

Street Fighter Zero 3 Mugen is another game engine Mugen platform, produced by fans of the series. The game is very beautiful and well done and you can download the torrent here. I downloaded and tested the game and the first view is very enjoyable to play.

Important observation: When I unzipped the folder my Windows Defender anti-virus detected the game executable as a virus for a few seconds. I ran the game on my own risk and I noticed that the file does not offer any risk. I am writing this only to let you informed and knowing what you are downloading. I think this is called the Internet community to help each other and we do not try to destroy each other.



Torrent (IF the download doesn’t start click here)

To download torrent files you will need Utorrent installed on your computer

Size: 1.11 Gb

Platform: Windows

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