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Mortal Kombat Trilogy Extended (MUGEN)

Mortal Kombat Trilogy Extended was developed in MUGEN engine by MKTX Team. Now the project is closed due to an internal conflict with leakage. This game contains several characters from MK1 / MK3 / MK4 / MKM. More combos were added, special moves, fatalities, and reactions for each fighter. Since its leaked version, this game may have some bugs. Also, MKTX works with 2 applications (Launcher / MUGEN). And support for gamepad has not been implemented in the executable. Anyway is quite playable even in unfinished state. MK is a registered trademark of Warner Brothers who owns the copyright.

imageDownload information: Below you can find two links, a direct link in Mega server and another with the torrent. If you choose to download with Torrent it is possible that still has few so Seeders may take a while. We also ask that you leave after downloading the file in the same folder to increase the number of Seeders. Remember that to download, it is necessary that you have uTorrent  installed on your computer



File Size: 439 Mb


(Direct Link)

File Size: 317 Mb

Video of the Game

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