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Donkey Kong Country 2

Hello friends, in this article I bring to you, download the game released for the Super Nintendo in 1995: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.

If you want to emulate this game on your Windows computer or on your mobile device, download the rom below.

I am also leaving a link to a compatible emulator for Windows and Android. To download browse the download options belowTB_GBA_DonkeyKongCountry2

And since we're talking about Donkey Kong Country 2, why not leave here a playlist of videos Instrumental Covers of some of the soundtracks of the most beautiful stages of the game. If you like both the soundtrack and the game will like this selection. In the videos below you can find covers of stages Toxic Tower, Clapper's Cavern, Bramble Blast Pirate Panic and others. Then click on the play and remember the soundtracks that were part of his childhood.

And for those who like to explore in depth the game and even find some bugs, we have a little help from a YouTuber, very smart in this matter: The Jyraiya. In this video he shows us how to make the game too crazy with some tricks to bug air the game completely.

That's right friends, we end up here. Suggestions, questions, praise and broken links, tell us by leaving a comment below. If you like what you see here, subscribe to our blog to give us a force or share this post on social networks by sharing links below. Goodbye!

Emulator for Windows: Snex9x
Emulator for Android: Multi Snes9x
Download(Requires utorrent in your device)

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