sábado, 5 de março de 2016

5800 Megadrive, Genesis, roms pack

Hello friends, I bring you in this article a torrent over 5800 roms Genesis or Megadrive to emulate on your computer.

The large number of roms in this package is because in addition to the normal roms has several other such hacks, so a game can have multiple versions including hacks. So when the torrent is available also put these hacks. In the pack with over 5800 roms have not included emulator. In this case I will leave just below the emulator for you to download too.

I've done the test with this emulator with various roms and all I've tested, the game ran perfectly. So to download the torrent click the link below and another link to download the emulator Gens version 241.

You must be wondering, how should there be 5800 roms for Genesis if not all these games were released to the console? Calm down, I'll explain. This package also includes several hackroms, which are modified roms. So for those who like to play modified games, there are several hackroms to enjoy themselves.

Download (Requires Utorrent in your device)
Emulator for Windows PC: Gens

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