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Pesadelo: O início

Pesadelo: O Início is a horror game for Windows PC developed by Brazilians and set in the subway stations in the city of São Paulo. The title is yet another of the new wave of games of the genre inspired by Slender.

Nightmare reminds Slender himself, but has strong inspirations with another title known to lovers of horror games: Haunted Investigations. In charge of a character recruited to work at the station at night, you will have to find out who, or what, is poking the spot and spreading intimidating posters.

To survive the gruesome scenes that follow, it is necessary to tread a path through the darkness, collecting keys and discovering new areas of the station. The game is easy to play: using the W, A, S, D and X keys, you move the character and the "E" is used to interact with the items in the scenario.

The "F" key turns the flashlight on and off and the mouse is used to direct the view. The Brazilian game follows the premise of the new indie psychological horror titles, focusing on scary experiences and immersion, through a good audio work and terrifying scares. Lovers of horror games need to download this game that guarantees good scares. Download Pesadelo and freak out with this last horror game at a São Paulo subway station!


Oficial site click here


And the world's most famous YouTuber gamer PewDiePie even made a gameplay about this game. To see the video just click on the play just below.

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