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Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (Mugen)

imageI was reading an article today about the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, which is a remake version, which was released for the SNES, for platforms PS3 and Xbox only on PSN and Live respectively. I was curious and had a studied to see if it did not have a version of this game for PC. Then I found this version and downloaded all excited. But unfortunately this is not the original version. It seems that (game fans) made this version and have the same name. I played (much if) two minutes and from what I could see the game does not have a high resolution and has some hits of Street Fighter Alpha 3 and also some sound effects of that game. In any case I leave here the explanation for who you looking for the real version and even come across this. For those who got curious and want to download the game. follow the link below where I downloaded. I would like to say that Google Chrome implies with the file for security reasons, it is likely that can happen the same to you. Use another browser. Only for security reasons I did a scan on files with Windows Defender antivirus and found nothing unusual. The good side is that no installation is required, just unpack with WinRAR, run and play. Follow the below link to download the torrent. Please help spread the torrent because it has few seeders

File Infomations

Size: 691 Mb

Platform: Windows

Link: Torrent


If the download doesn’t start click here

To download torrent files you will need utorrent software installed on your computer

Update: Hello people, through comments on the video up on YouTube comment section, I ended up looking more about this game and found another version of this game that is very faithful to the original game and available for PC. It seems that this second is a newer version of the first. The game was created based on the Mugen engine and can be downloaded for free. It is not necessary, enter serial, crack, simply download unzip the folder with WinRAR, run the game and have fun. Just below is a video of the game you see how it is before downloading. I recommend downloading this because the little I played I saw that is really well done. Any bug, comment, compliment or suggestion, leave a comment below.


Direct Link: if doesn’t start click here, or here

File Size 359 mb

Platform: Windows

Version 1.0

Demonstration video, version 1.0

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  1. when will super street fighter 2 hd remix get an update with all characters being hd