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Cadillacs and Dinossaurs Arcade

In this post I bring to download the game that was very successful in the arcades in the 90's: Cadillac and Dinossaurs.

Where you choose to play with one of the four selectable characters to do away with the bad guys.

cadillacs-and-dinosaurs-1992-sonajeAs the name already suggests you will be faced with the oldest beings on the planet: the dinosaurs.

Remind yourself of this crazy adventure by driving vintage cars.

A great classic released by Capcom that even today makes gamemaniacs spend hours in front of the pc, video game, arcades (although nowadays is increasingly difficult to find). So do not waste time click the download links below and start remembering this great video game classic.

Note: This package already includes the emulator compatible with the game. So to emulate just unzip the folder and run the emulator. Do not forget to click Refresh, as an error can occur if you do not. If you already have an emulator, just copy the Zips files that are inside the Rom folder and put them inside the rom folder of your emulator. Follow below the download links and then an explanatory video if you have difficulties to start the emulation.


Download Link if it doesn’t start click here
For more arcade roms click here

Instructions (non english audio)

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