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SunsetRiders, Arcade


Here's another game, which was successful in Arcades, to download: Sunsetriders.

Released by Konami for the arcades.

In addition to the arcades the game was also released for home consoles such as the Super Nintendo and Megadrive.

Fun for sure Sunsetriders marked his story when it comes to games.

Follow below links to download the game plus the emulator:


Download the rom below with a torrent manager. We recommend Utorrent, click to download if you do not have it on your computer.

Then download the emulator. We recommend Mame because it was with this emulator that we did the test and the game ran smoothly.

The Mame Emulator download is just below. Unzip the emulator with Winrar . Then place the rom file (this does not need to unpack) inside the rom folder of the emulator. Good fun!

Download (Torrent)

Rom version: Arcade

Link1 (Direct with emulator included)

If you have problems at the time of the configuration see instructions just below the video so you can configure it on your computer:

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