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Marvel Vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes Arcade

Hello, old players! In this article I bring you the Marvel Vs. Capcom Clash of Super Heroes. This is the version released for the arcades. So you will need an arcade emulator to emulate this game.

Below you will find these emulators recommended for Windows Pc and Android.

If you want to remember the childhood times playing this great arcade classic just download it below.



Version: Arcade

File Size: 22MB

Emulator recommended

Windows: Mame 0119 | Android aFBA

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Tips, Codes, Tricks and Secret Characters:

Secret Characters:

Gold WarMachine: start on Zangief: ◄x2, ▼x2, ►x2, ▼x2 ◄x2, ▲x4, ►x2, ◄x2, ▼x4, ►x2, ▲x2, ◄x2, ▼x2, ►x2, ▲x5

Híper Venom: start on Chun-li: ►, ▼x4, ◄, ▲x4, ►x2 ▼x2, ◄x2, ▼x2, ►x2, ▲x4, ◄x2, ▲

Lilith: start on Zangief: ◄x2 ▼x2 ►x2 ▲x2 ▼x4 ◄x2 ▲x4 ► ◄ ▼x4 ►x2 ▲x4 ◄x2 ▼x4 ► ▼

Orange Hulk: start on Chun-li: ►x2, ▼x2, ◄x2, ►x2, ▼x2, ◄x2, ▲x4, ▼x2, ►x2, ▲x2, ▼x4, ▲x4, ◄, ▲.

Roll: start on Zangief: ◄x2, ▼x2, ►x2, ▼x2, ◄x2, ▲, ►, ▲x2, ►x2

Shadow Lady: start on Morrigan: ▲, ►x2, ▼x4, ◄x2, ▲x4, ►x2, ◄x2, ▼x2, ►x2, ▼x2, ◄x2, ▲x2, ►x2, ▲x2, ◄x2, ▼x5

If you think you play this game well. Here's a video to discourage you:

Choose your Helper:

After you select your two characters, hold the Start button and the buttons listed below for the helper to choose it. For psylocke, there is no one for anyone.

In my opinion the best helper of this game. But for you who did not have the opportunity to choose who wants to be helped this code is very good. You can go testing one by one until you get everyone and see in your opinion which is the best.

Helper: Anita, Code: LP, MP, HP
Helper: Arthur, Code: LP, MP
Helper: Colossus, Code: LP, MP, MK
Helper: Cyclops, Code: LP, LK, MP
Helper: Devilot, Code: MP
Helper: Iceman, Code: MP, MK
Helper: Jubilee, Code: LK, MP, HP
Helper: Juggernaut, Code: LP, MK
Helper: Lou, Code: MP
Helper: Magneto, Code: LK, HP
Helper: Michelle Heart, Code: LP, LK
Helper: Psylocke, Code: MK
Helper: Pure and Fur, Code: LK
Helper: Rogue, Code: LP, LK, MP, HP
Helper: Saki, Code: HP
Helper: Sentinel, Code: MP, MK, HP
Helper: Shadow, Code: LP, MK, HP
Helper: Storm, Code: LP, LK, HP
Helper: Thor, Code: LK, MP
Helper: Ton-Pooh, Code: LP, HP
Helper: Unknown Soldier, Code: LP
Helper: US Agent, Code: HP, MK

Face the Secret Characters:

Gold War Machine: Get a First Attack in all stages and a double attaque final in at least four rounds and you can not lose your partner (Second character)

Hyper Venom: Achieve a first attack in all stages and finish with at least four times with your two characters simultaneously. You can not lose the partner.

Lilith: Get a first attack in all stages and finish your opponent with a Super Attack type at least four times and do not lose your partner and use your helper four times in the fights

Orange Hulk: Achieve a first attack in all stages and finalize your opponent with a Super Attack type at least four times and do not lose your partner

Roll: Get a first attack at all stages and finalize your opponent with at least three "two in one", end all your helper's help in at least four rounds and do not lose your partner

Black Lady: Get a first attack in all stages and finish your opponent with at least four "two in one", finish all your helper's help in at least four rounds and do not lose your partner

Easter Eggs

  • Chun-li's provocation causes damage

Chun-li's taunts really tail damage to the opponent if it is close to the opponent. She hits the enemy as she kisses your face.

  • Earn bonus points

After defeating an enemy, press Start. So, make some moves or Hyper combos. If your character becomes frozen while doing an action. (For example: Hyper Combo) He or she will pick up some points based on the difficulty of the freeze obtained. This only works for some punches.

  • Provocation of Jin Causes damage.

Jin, pegando fogo, Marvel vs CapcomAfter pressing the Start button to activate the trigger, repeatedly press weak punch, medium punch and strong punch (this also works with kicks) so that Jin begins to rub the own coast quickly. Then it will start to turn red, and then it will catch fire. If he is on fire and the opponent touches him, he will burn.

  • Megaman Stage Clear Song

Stage Clear music from the Megaman series will play, instead of normal music, when your character says his or her victory pose if you win with Megaman or Roll.

Small Tips

  • Attack your opponent after winning a match

After winning a match and your character does his victory pose, press the Start button. So you will be able to attack your defeated opponent when he is down.

  • Change the order of the chosen characters

On the double opponent's display screen, just before the first round begins, press the three punch buttons. When the fight starts, the second character you chose will start the battle.


Do you know anything that is not here? Write in the comments and share with us and others who see this post in the future.

The source of the tips, easter eggs tricks and codes is at Some information may not be true. If you think something is not true or is wrong let us know by the comments below.

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