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Mame 32 plus plus 0.119 Download

Hello amigos, I am leaving for download the Arcade Emulator Mame 32 plus plus 0.119 version. This version is for Pc (Windows operational system). To download click in one of the options below. I am posting games roms for this emulator always I can, so at ease to come visit us now and then. Here you can find other emulators for other platforms and more games. This emulator is capable to run classic games like: Street Fighter Alpha series (or zero series), Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter, X-men Vs Street Fighter, Marvel Vs Capcom, Rockman series, Final Fight series, The King of Fighters series, some Metal Slug Games and others CPS1, CPS2, NeoGeo games system.

mame 0119 plus plus download



If the download doesn’t start click here, or here

Here you can find roms for mame 32 plus plus to download and play on your computer or mobile phone.

Tips: When you run a game the message “Insert Coin” will appear, so press the 5 button key in the alfabetical part of you keyboard, to “put the coins”, after that press 1 to start the game

Here I show you how to set up buttons and put 2 buttons in only one. Ideal for games that need to press more than on button to execute a attack.

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