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Super Arcade emulator for Android

super arcade androidSuper Arcade is an app that allows you to emulate arcade games on your mobile phone. Here I will show you how to download and install this app on your Android to run arcade games. Is not possible to run all games listed bellow yet but you can run the most of them. Below you can find the download option and a tutorial video showing how to install, emulate and play the games.

To better follow the video tutorial recommend that you download the file manager Es File Explorer . With it is easier to move the games files from one folder to another. If you already have a file manager on your phone you can skip this step because the installation of Es File Explorer is not necessary for emulation.

If the download doesn’t start  click here)

Instructions on how to emulate on mobile phone. Watch the video below

Below you find a list of several games compatible with this emulator, are not all the games listed below that you can play using this emulator but most of them are supported. Some classic I've done the test and ran perfectly. Games like Marvel Vs Capcom, Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter Alpha 2, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes I have tested on Android and works perfectly.

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