segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2014

Pokemon HeartGold

pokemon HeartGoldThis is another rom I bring to download, in this blog. This time is the Pokémon HearGold Nintendo DS platform. Emulate Nintendo Ds games are quite interesting as being a touch screen device you can interact with the software by clicking the mouse buttons, as if touching the screen, coming very close to what would be a game for PC. So if you want to emulate this game and other nintendo ds just download the emulator the link below and start again playing the games you liked this video game.

if the download doesn’t start click here


if the download doesn’t start click here, or here

For more Nintendo Ds roms click here

Video tutorial: How to set it up

Game opening

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  1. eu baixo e consigo jogar, mas o jogo chega a um ponto q o jogo buga completamente, a tela fica toda preta e só da pra ouvir os sons